How can we help your business?

1) Loyalty

How important is it really?

Well according to the advisory firm Bain & Co, increasing customer retention by just 5 percent can boost profits by 25 to 95 percent


All of our rewards require repeat business.

Whether they are coming back for a free drink, or to claim their £10 discount online. We make sure that your customers WILL be back. We are also seeing strong basket size on returning customers who claim rewards. In short, they are coming back more and they are spending.

2) Exposure

It’s all about “Impressions” or to the non marketers among us, views. You want new potential customers to see you, but how?


Maybe you are working hard on your Instagram page just for 10 new followers or paying a fortune on Instagram paid ads.. Stop right there.


With DoubleTapp you gain exposure to a new audience via your own customers and you pay for it mainly in rewards. Remember that these rewards are just enticing that customer to return in the future. Clients of ours are seeing cost per impression levels that are as much as 80% cheaper than if you were to gain those impressions through Instagram or Facebook paid ads.

3) Content

Paying photographers and spending on studio time for beautiful content?


Well I am afraid this isn’t always beneficial. People prefer user generated content.


What is UGC? It is defined as any content produced by a user/customer and shared social media. Studies have shown this to be up to 4x more effective than content produced by a business itself.


DoubleTapp encourages this type of content, it is trusted, it is novel and its yours. That’s right. You have the right to use any content shared by users that is aimed at gaining rewards.


You can cancel that photographer booking...

How does it work?

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Sign up

It’s so quick and easy to get started, provide some very basic details and create your account.


Create rewards

Decide what you want to offer, and what the requirements should be. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. We provide some really helpful guides on creating the most cost effective rewards possible. The reward creation wizard makes the process incredibly simple.


Once you submit a reward, it will be reviewed and then go live on our app for all of our users to see.


Track usage

You can always check who has how many people have posted and who they are, what they have posted, and all other metrics that are important to be aware of.



We show you how this compares to others, give tips on how you can improve and show you how these metrics have been trending. You are also able to setup scheduled email reports to be delivered on queue.